A short description of my background

In 2010 I co-founded the industrial design company MAIK ( along with the designer Rune Rex, and assisted by marketing/China Guru Andreas Møller. The company designs, produces and distributes its own products that are concept based and with the underlying intention of improving everyday life. In MAIK we all play key roles – currently I’m in charge of Sales & Market and acting as CEO.

In 2012 I also co-founded the upcycling furniture company BASTARD (bastardmø that designs and produces sustainable furniture from already existing industrial products that would otherwise have been discarded. BASTARD is a celebration of the raw, the patinated and the unpretentious in industrial products that each have their own story to tell.

Job Background

After graduating as in computer science and cand.mag. in communication, Andreas spent his first six years of work experience in various job positions:
After a brief employment as a web developer in the Danish Gladsaxe based Novozymes, he was headhunted by global based consulting company Accenture Ltd for a promising project in the governmental industry. At Accenture he was quick to make success, working with functional specification for a large Oracle based HR & payroll system; but managing a near-human work/life balance was difficult after having his first child with his wife Trine, and he ultimately decided to change lane.

That change led him to become a Product Manager in Copenhagen based telco Cybercity A/S – a company founded by the now-famous (and prison sentenced) Claus Riskjær.

Cybercity was acquired by Sonofon, owned by Norwegian Telenor A/S – the largest telco in Scandinavia. During that transition the need for a strategic department emerged and Andreas was persuaded to become a strategic analyst and to work on strategy development.

Based on the strategic work done by Andreas and his strategic department, Telenor soon realised the need to move into the IPTV area, and Andreas was announced to play a key part in the tri-country project aimed at rolling out a common IPTV solution between Denmark based Cybercity, Sweden based Bredbandsbolaget A/B and Norway based Telenor.

The project involved a very large RFI, RFQ and ultimately a large scale vendor selection, as well as a detailed functional specification. Product launch was, however, not to be seen in the near future, and Andreas wanted to get a bit closer to the ground and to the consumers/customers, so he was quick to decide a job change was needed.

He was then employed by Copenhagen based Kvalitor A/S ( who is known in the process optimisation business for getting large client accounts (Denmark based telco TDC A/S, shipping company TORM amongst others) and successfully employing the Lean Six Sigma methods.

Having been in the consultant role for a while, Andreas returned to work for the telco industry once again as he was offered a role as executive assistant in Fullrate A/S ( – a very successful telco in Denmark that succeeded in squeezing the Danish broadband market by introducing higher broadband speeds at lower prices. There he was given the responsibility of formulating Fullrate’s strategy as well as ensuring that Fullrate was compliant to the rules & responsibilities laid upon Fullrate by owner TDC A/S.

After almost three years in the job, Andreas’ entrepreneurial activities finally gathered enough momentum to allow him to let go of the daytime job, as Andreas was given the opportunity to teach app development as a side business to his other projects.

And this is where the adventure really kicked in…


Some of my photography…