In the beginning of 2012 I was offered the opportunity by Nyledige.dk to design a 6 weeks app development course for unemployed people.

Using my background in computer science as well as my year-long involvement in the telco industry, I’ve put together a course that takes the students through all the steps of app development:
idea & concept development, market research & analysis, business model, business plan, marketing plan, functional & technical analysis, workflows, storyboards, sketching, graphical user interface design, object oriented analysis & design, object oriented programming, programming & test, implementation & distribution, marketing, launch and evaluation.

The course is tough and the students must keep cool while being bombarded with new concepts and learnings during the 6 weeks.
But the course is very successful and very popular, and ignites the students to either become involved in app development through future employments or become app entrepreneurs themselves.

If you’re Danish and eligible for the course, go to Nyledige.dk/appudvikling to learn more and sign up.