Knowing what to do

Where does it come from, the feeling of knowing what the right thing is to do?
When you’re presented with various choices, what do you choose? On which criteria? Based on what expected outcome?
I often find myself struggling to choose right instead of wrong, and I’ve found a great “tool” that helps me in making the right choice: having a very clear notion of what you want to accomplish!
By having a very well defined goal I can test the different options up against that goal, and I can make the choice that brings me closer to my goal.

Sounds simple enough? Well, it is (not exactly rocket science)…but it requires that you have a well defined goal which isn’t always that easy. It’s important to set the right goals as well, though, so be visionary but try to be realistic at the same time!
First you have to overcome some of the typical obstacles for setting your goal:

    a) thinking “how will I/this fit in with what I/we do now?”
    b) believing that the road to your goal is too difficult to follow
    c) lack of self confidence: “other people are better than me” *

* NOTE: True, there are people that are better than you, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for you. And it especially doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything interesting to offer.

OK – got your goal set up? Great.

Now to a very important part: try to visualize your goal.
So for example if your goal is to code and release a Top10 featured iPhone app, you should be able to close your eyes and visualize your app on that Top10 list, see the star ratings and the number of positive reviews, read the “1$ for a limited time only” price tag, see the “top downloaded app” badge etc. etc. And most importantly: try to actually feel what it feels like to have accomplished exactly that.
I know it sounds a bit like something taken out of a self therapy handbook…and it probably is. But I know it works. It makes you more goal oriented.

The final step is easy: look at your options and evaluate against what will get you just at tiny bit closer to your goal – and make the right choice!

Good luck :)