Joining forces with berggreenandersen&

The sky is the limit

Great news. I continued the talks with Rasmus and Rune from berggreenandersen& and we have decided to join forces and start a new business adventure. We will continue using the berggreenandersen& brand for a while since we have plenty of exciting projects on our hands and don’t really have the time to come up with a name, website and identity at the moment; this is a spare time start-up since we all have full time jobs and/or studies.

We currently have five really exciting and promising products in our pipeline and we are investigating different design details, concepts, sales strategies etc. etc.
Since each product lies within its own business segment/area (clever huh? :P ) there is plenty of new stuff to learn. Luckily this is a good thing, since it pushes us to get in contact with a lot of interesting people that are all very willing to share their knowledge. More details on the products at a later point…