Helping a children’s home in Moldova

Children's home in Chicinau, Moldova

I just came back from a short stay in Chisinau, Moldova. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, and although it doesn’t show that much in central Chisinau (the Capitol) it becomes very apparent when travelling half an hour outside of the city.

During our stay my boss (I went there with my colleagues at Kvalitor) had arranged for us to visit a children’s home and to cook some good Danish food for the kids there.

The whole arrangement was very weird in the beginning, but it turned out very well, especially as we learned that the 30 kids “had one ball, but it broke a couple of months ago”…we were glad we brought 8 balls and many other outdoor toys! We also brought some merchandise from one of our clients TDC (playing cards, caps, keyhangers etc.) and it was well recieved.

We left the place some four hours later – rich with emotions and one big experience to keep for many years. We all agreed to continue supporting the children’s home one way or another for as long as our company exists.
I strongly encourage others to do similar things for people less fortunate; although we felt a bit awkward leaving the place so soon, the married couple who were taking care of the kids assured us that we had created a very special afternoon and evening for the kids. And that’s what we aimed for.