Small car? Half priced parking!


I read about this concept on Springwise and I was intrigued by the simplicity in the message: if you don’t take up as much parking space as the big ass SUVs, then you don’t have to pay as much for parking.

It’s taking a product (parking) that we’ve known for decades as a fixed price product, and turning it into a consumption rated product. Not something you would expect to see in the parking business, but definitely something that makes a lot of sense to the consumer.

Imagine what other business areas could adopt the same reasoning…I’m thinking airplane tickets/travel: you pay for your weight! It might be controversial (although recently an American airline began charging double seats for heavily overweighted people) but again it would make a lot of sense. Also, what’s with the 20 kilos luggage limit on most European flights? Why not per kilo price paid at the check-in? Just jump on the scale, you, your suitcases and hand luggage, and pay for your total weight!


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